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If you checked out the cost of autoresponders that
are available online, you probably have given credence to the idea that a free autoresponder is something that suits your online
needs. The use of free autoresponders is OK under certain circumstances, and in the world of Internet
marketing, something is better than nothing!

The first thing to consider when you are looking at a free autoresponder should be
the one that you can find as part of your webhosting account –
this assumes that you do have one. These
autoresponders are not difficult to set up and can be found in the
control panel for your website. These do not
contain advertisements of any kind. Don’t have
a hosting account? Your hosting
account doesn’t have autoresponders? There still are
other ways/choices that are available to you.

There are a lot of free autoresponder services out there. The reason these services are free, is because the
company makes their money back by placing a small
advertisement in each message that you send out. These advertisements
can be at the top of your auto responses, or at
the bottom, depending on what the particular company wants to do.

You can also find paid autoresponders that offer a free version
as well. These free versions may or may not include
advertisements in the outgoing messages. These
Autoresponder ‘light’ versions typically
do not include a lot of the powerful features that make the paid versions as useful as they are. But if your needs are such that the more
advanced features are not required, this can be the way to go.

Most of the free autoresponders will have a limit on the number
of subscribers you can have on your list. Many people have started
with these limited free versions, and then they have upgraded to
the paid versions once they feel that their lists are large enough
to make it worthwhile. Although you may feel that the expense of the autoresponder is not warranted
until you are turning a profit, and although you may feel that from a business standpoint that this makes sense, Be careful! As (depending on what you are trying to do) it can adversely affect peoples opinions of you, and the ads may cause people to unsubscribe from your list.

As the business owner, you are the one
who needs to decide whether or not you need a paid or free
autoresponder service.
However, having those ads that the
free services put into your outgoing
messages, can present a problem for you if they are
competing with what you are trying to market. They can also pose a problem even if they don’t. This really depends
on what you are trying to accomplish with your

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    • Selma Mariudottir

      Free autoresponders sometimes tend to be interpreted by many email clients as spam. Today I use a paid version, but when I was starting out, I used the free version of Mailchimp which I highly recommend. They allow you to have up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month for free.

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