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I know that FaceBook has been extremely popular site to go on to be able to find prospects, leads and new friends. I’ve been using FaceBook more recently more relatively as part of my social media strategy campaign.

Besides FaceBook I also have Twitter, Digg, YouTube, other videos and all those kinds of things. But today I will be focusing specifically on FaceBook. Let me go through now the three tips I’m going to give you in terms of how to be able to drive traffic and build up your FaceBook profile.

If you haven’t created a FaceBook Fanpage, I highly recommend doing this. A FaceBook Fanpage is not a profile of yourself. You may have your own individual profile where you share with your family, friends and so forth but your Fanpage is a completely different page which is designed just for your business or for anything that you’re going to be marketing.

If you haven’t set one up, set it up right now because it’s very crucial.

    Now once you’ve created the FaceBook Fanpage, the next thing you need to do is to check out FaceBook Groups. FaceBook Groups is a powerful community which you should go and check out. It’s just a lot of different communities in there. Those communities are talking about vast range of topics, and no matter what topic you’re thinking of targeting your business in, I’m pretty sure there is a FaceBook Group for you. If there isn’t, then I recommend starting one because you can potentially create a niche within that.

    I’ll give you an example. The niche market that I focus on and promoting is Internet Marketing niche. What I usually do is I jump into FaceBook Groups and type in Internet marketing and most likely if there’s an internet marketing group in there, I’ll join so that I can meet and network with different people. And in so doing I can help people inside that group.

    That way, you can find lots and lots of new leads that will be able to help you with growing your business. So that’s the next tip I recommend you do.

    The third and final point that I would recommend that you do is to mingle with top bloggers or the top people in your industry or niche. What do I mean by that? You should network with people who are already successful in that niche. If you’re in a niche that is quite small, but you already have people who are dominating it, it’s very easy for you to raise the topic with them because you can easily peek back at what they’re doing.

    Let’s say for example you’re in the Blogging niche. There are lots of bloggers out there. There are people like Darren Rowse, John Chow, Yaro Starak, just to mention a few. If you want to get into that niche and teach people to blog or network, what I recommend you do is to get in contact with these people and become friends with them. Don’t contact them just to have them promote your products.

    What I highly recommend you do is to build up a strong relationship with them simply by networking with them. The technique that I’ve used very often is contacting them by asking if they like to do an interview with me. After that interview, I’ll promote it to my database or my list of subscribers. That’s a very powerful technique that I highly recommend you do. If you want to be able to build relationship with them and help them with what they do, simply give to them first before thinking of getting something back. That’s something that I think a lot of people do wrong. In the long run, you’ll get more benefit that way.

    Those are the three powerful main techniques that I would recommend in FaceBook and that’s what I focus on doing with my strategy.

    Plese feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the space provided below.

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