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It would be unbelievable to think of knowing all about the Internet and not know a whole lot about social media sites. Simply because THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! A lot of people will spend a goodly portion of their day online with social media sites. A couple of the most popular sites would of course include Twitter and FaceBook.

Is there anything that the online marketer can hope to accomplish with/on social media sites? Because after all they are all about socializing aren’t they? Well, the answer would be “a lot”, there is much that can be done on social media by online marketers! Specific target niches can be identified and marketed to.As an example, FaceBook allows advertisers to target users based on a number of different criteria such as age, region,gender and the groups that the user belongs to.

Social media can also be used in conjunction with blogs where an online marketer can post regular updates and information about their company or product, as well as services offers and things like that. Twitter as an example is used extensively for this kind of marketing.

Another feature of this kind of marketing is the ability to reach more than just your customers. Say you got a hold of ‘person A’ for some reason, you might also be able to reach their friends and family with just that one effort. In FaceBook this can be accomplished via the ‘Share’ feature.

If you are familiar with article marketing and the value of back links, this can be accomplished by posting your articles on social media. This in turn can generate more traffic to the web site, and as a tool for list building.

Through the ‘Comment’ feature it is also a great way to get immediate feedback on what ever their topic is. So as you can see in this short post, there are some great benefits to using social media in your advertising campaign, because right now social media is hot!

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