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There are some settings you need to take care of before you launch. Let’s take a quick look what they are.

Making Sure of Public View

A setting of “non index” is turned off by default. But you might have turned on while building your site and forgotten about it, so make sure it is turned on before launch.

How to make your blog public: Go to Settings → Reading and make sure the box for Discourage search engines… is unchecked.

Configure basic settings in WordPress

WordPress lets you quickly configure a number of small settings for your blog.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Set your Site Title and Tagline in the Site Identity tab.
  • Add a favicon in the Site Identity tab.
  • Explore theme-specific settings.

Create a backup schedule

You must have heard how important it is to have a backup of your site, well it is! Your backup schedule depend on how active you are. If you post weekly then you can probably back up weekly but if you post everyday then you might want to back up more often.

Disable pingbacks and trackbacks

Pingbacks and Trackbacks allow other blogs to notify you whenever they link to you. They are least desired as spammers love them and send heaps of them. To disable pingbacks and trackbacks Go to Settings → Discussion and turn off ‘Allow link’ notification.

Create a navigation menu

Your site gets more usable with a helpful navigation structure. A Menu lets you control the links that appear in your site’s main navigation areas. How to create a menu: Go to Appearance → Menus.

Choose your permalink structure

Permalink defines the structure of the URLs on your site. It helps your blog in search engine optimization to get better rankings on Google and makes your site more user friendly. Choosing the Post name Permalink structure is the best option unless you have a specific reason to use any other. How to set permalinks: Go to Settings → Permalinks in your WordPress dashboard

Set your desired time zone

By default, WordPress uses UTC +0 for its time zone. But if you’re in a different time zone that means WordPress will use different times than your local time, which makes it hard to do things like schedule posts in advance. To set time zone you have to go to Settings – General.

Once you ensure that these essential settings are properly configured, start with your next step i.e. to set core pages.

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