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Has this ever happened to you – that you click to send an email to your subscribers only to experience scenarios like this: No, no, no, no Why me?!

Yeah, email marketing mistakes are never fun and they can happen to anyone. But there are ways to avoid them. So, to go from a nay to yay I will give you four common no-no’s in email marketing and what you can do to avoid them.

Your readers love a beautiful email. The ones that open it on a computer that is. The other mobile-savvy ones see this and send it straight to trash. Half of all emails are opened on a mobile device, which means that you must use a responsive email design that’s optimized for other devices. You don’t want to miss out on those valuable clicks. Turns out, all your call-to-actions direct your readers to 404-pages and your effort at using personalization results in a subject line that reads “Hi First Name!” You miss out on conversions and it’s awkward.

Simple solution: never forget to send a test email to yourself before the big sendout to avoid those clumsy typos and broken links.< br>
Blasting away thousands of emails to to people that have never heard from you before? They might as well report you as a spammer. Not only does it look bad for you business but you also risk being blocked from sending any emails at all. So what to do? First off, stay away from purchased email lists – you have no idea where those addresses come from. What you wanna do is to grow your list yourself by adding opt-in forms to your site where the subscribers themselves can choose if they want to give you their email address or not.

Each one of your subscribers are in different situations, leading different lives and in need of different types of content from you. Your content on cute cats might not be appreciated by everyone. This is why stellar email marketing requires some serious list segmentation where you take all the subscribers you have, divide them into different groups according to, for example, location, interests, where they’re at in the buyer’s journey and so on. You then tailor your content according to that segmentation and you’ll see a higher conversion rate and fewer unsubscribers.

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