Hi, I am going to start a series of posts having to do with Facebook Re-marketing, I hope you enjoy it. It is not that difficult if you follow along, but please do not skip over one post. If you want to get the best results please follow them in order. As I have set it out this will be a series of at least 13 posts, and although there is what I would call a bit of topic grouping, please do not jump ahead. At least until that particular mini topic is done.

If you are seriously into FB Marketing or not, this is another tool in your toolbox that will help you make money .

Let’s start with a couple of definitions.
1)”Marketing…. this is the process of letting people know the value of a service or product, for the purpose of selling that service or product.”
2)”Re-marketing (Re-targeting)…. this quite simply is the process of re-engaging visitors as well as customers with ads that are laser focused/targeted because of some recent dealing they have had with you, and have left your web site empty handed. No purchases made.

Statistics have shown that the percentage of people that buy your product on their first introduction to it, is only in the range of 1% – 2%. So this leaves a rather remarkable number of people that have just gone? With squeeze pages you can grab some leads and have your AR sequence market to them. This percentage can be as high as 40%. If you are doing the math, that still leaves in excess of 50% of people that have been left un-engaged.

If you have been in the IM field for some time, you will most likely have heard or experienced the fact that most people will not buy a thing from you until they have had several contacts (as many as seven) with your offer. So, with this bit of knowledge, it should be evident that re-marketing should be a part of your business model.

There are a number of different platforms that you can turn to in your re-marketing life, but in future post I will be concentrating on two different ways to do this on FaceBook. The first one is Facebook Exchange (FBX), and the Second one is Website Custom Audiences (WCA).

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