Improper Uses of Autoresponders

Autoresponders are an essential to to a business wishing to make money online! They are used for many different purposes, but there are a number of ways that they should not be used. Using autoresponders incorrectly or any improper way can make things vewry difficult for other people, and it could cause catastrophic things to happen to you!

If you have one autoresponder respond to another it will create chaos, and in extreme cases, it will overload servers. Here is how this happens, you sign up for something using your autoresponder email address. So you sign up, and a message is sent to an other autoresponder, which then replies to your autoresponder, which then responds to that autoresponder. See what happens here? You have created a loop that will continue on and on until it is manually stopped and fixed.

People have also used their autoresponder address on purpose when they sign up for discussion lists. In effect what this does is it causes their autoresponder message to be sent to the entire list each time a person sends a real message to the discussion list. It goes without saying that discussion list members and owners don’t like this one bit, and the autoresponder owner will get banned from the list.

So, the moral of the story is to use your autoresponder in the manner that it was meant to be used. Do not use it irresponsibly! This will not only will you create issues for others, but you will discover that you get reported for spam! This is something that as an internet marketer trying to make a living on the internet, you do not want to have happen to you.

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