Your success in Internet marketing is certainly a lot about the market that you are targeting. If you are after a younger market, then you would most certainly need to craft your message so that it applies those people who want/need a hip angle on everything, and who are very market savvy – as well as the posers who claim/think that they know them. If you are after a market of homemakers, home and gardening knowledge is a good thing to have, as well as a lot of information that homemakers can have immediate access to.

There a large number of different markets that you can “go after”, also there are many different ways that you can “go after” these different markets so that they keep returning to your site and continue to rely on you for tour expertise. So what do you know about these markets? Are you aware of the tastes/interests of these people? Do you know what they like or don’t like? Do you know what they like in terms of your website’s easy to navigate around it. And what about colour, and information that is made available on a website? How technology savvy are the members of your market?

This stuff and more, is important not only when you design your marketing scheme, but it also allows you to keep your relationships with your clients up and running. In the normal (not internet) world tastes change all the time, only difference online is that it goes faster, with technology always advancing, and with the fact that there are more and more people entering getting involved with the Internet, this adds to the total number of websites that are clogging up the World Wide Web. You will need these kinds of facts when you get into relationship building with your clients.

So, what exactly is relationship building? Just looking at the phrase itself, you can tell that it’s all about maintaining not only a good relationship with your customers and clients, but, you must also be building that relationship and strengthening it. This means that you may have to give your customers a fair amount of freebies even if they don’t buy anything from you. This builds your relationship with them: it allows them to see the giving/charitable side of you, which hopefully helps them to become paying customers in the future; this also allows you to see more ways that you can help them and market yourself even better.

How can you do this? One thing you can do in relationship building is providing forums on your website. This helps by allowing you to see what your customers are into. Also, a forum can allow your customers to interact with other customers, and therefore return to your site from time to time. This then helps to bring more traffic to your site. If these forums are exciting/interesting places to be, then your customers would most likely refer more people to your site and grow the size of your forums.

Another way to do relationship building, is to publish a newsletter. It will allow you to reach out to your customers and provide them with things that they might need. This could include topics such as – top ten tips on how to clean out the toilet, top five ways to have a great breakfast date. Really the topics are endless. In other words you need to provide customers with entertaining and useful things. Do this and you will find more traffic coming your way.

Relationship building is all about putting helping your customers learn new things. If you are able to meet their needs and wants, then you will be able to get more traffic, and this helps you to earn more money.

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