In my last post I discussed the process that you might go through if you are considering making blogging your life’s work. Well you are there! You have true financial freedom as well as passive income, and you will never have to commute for a 7am start to your work day ever again!!

But as you know (or will find out), full time blogging also has a few shortcomings. Chief among these shortcomings is that you are not very active. You just sit there in front of your computer without an appropriate amount of getting up and moving around is not a terribly healthy position to be in. This post is dedicated to letting you know how to combat the most severely unhealthy of these new conditions you find your self in.

If you work in an office setting, you may already know that sitting all day can be very bad for you. Your heart id at complete rest all day which can cause atrophy, but it can also lead to shortening of your quadriceps, loosening of your hamstrings, and hunching over. Your back will start to ache, and you will notice a decrease in your mobility. So be careful.

The best way to combat these problems is to make sure you exercise and stretch daily in sufficient quantities. The most ideal time for this exercising and stretching is early in the morning. It helps to freshen you up for the day, and you will gain the feeling of being more focused for the rest of the day. Another helpful hint it to get up and walk around a bit during your time in front of the computer. Break times of ten minutes should be more than enough to accomplish your exercise goals for the day.

You are sure to find issues with the fact that your work environment happens to be the same place that you take all your breaks, and nightly rest. You may find that you never have to leave the house and believe it or not this not only leads to cabin fever, but can result in you getting poor sleep as well.

When you work out, try and make sure you are doing so at a gym, and if you can do your work somewhere other than in your home, consider that as well. One final thing to consider is that you don’t let your work life/home life, needs to stay in some sort of balance. To much of either is not necessarily a good thing.

Be disciplined. As a blogger you can feel like you are always working and never working all at the same time. Make sure you maintain that separation between your working hours, and your resting hours.

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