Full Time Blogger? Make Sure You Take Care Of You!

In my last post I discussed the process that you might go through if you are considering making blogging your life’s work. Well you are there! You have true financial freedom as well as passive income, and you will never have to commute for a 7am start to your work day ever again!! But as…

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How to Make the Commitment to Blogging

Like a lot of other things, there is a certain amount of romanticism in the idea that you can make money from a blog. And like many romantic stories, it doesn’t always work out. having said all this, let me add that if you are interested in becoming a blogger, quitting your day job and…

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Welcome to The Internet Marketing Blog

This is my very first post on my new Internet Marketing Blog. Over the coming weeks and months you will see this blog transform, and become a useful tool to help you in your Internet Marketing Journey. Please follow me on this journey as I help you to build your IM business to a level…

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