There are a number of myths and non-truths that you should know about before you start list building. These things could pose much more of a danger to our successful list building efforts than most people realize.

1) Not very many people use email – WRONG! Email is one of the most effective marketing methods out there today, simply because almost every one has an email address. Watch for it every time you need/want to get something on the web. You must fill in your email address or risk being able to not consummate your purchase/order. Look for it! You won’t have to look far because those form spaces where they want you to put in your email address are everywhere.

2) Email Marketing Can Offend – The very simple and obvious way to get around this is via permission based marketing. You don’t get an email address, they don’t get your marketing efforts. Simple!

3) Sending Email To Everyone Is Not Good – In order to avoid this, you can do some planning and organizing, to make sure that only those people you wish to send emails to are interested in the product you are selling. Selling ice cubes to someone in Antarctica is not the best of marketing moves. For a better return on your investment, make sure you figure out which market would be more suitable for your offer, and send only to them. Again, ice in Antarctica is not a good product to try and sell.

Here are a number of ways for you to clear any email marketing fog that may have developed for you, and see things more clearly and effectively.

1) Strategic Collection of Data – I touched on this a bit earlier, but, the more you know about the audience of yours and what they bare interested or not interested in helps to ease your marketing efforts and make them more successful.

2) Good Implementation – Tracking your email marketing results can be difficult, but there is technology available to help you with your efforts. Try a number of different methods and use the ones continuously, that are providing the best return for you.

There are a number of different points and examples I could give you i to help you along the way, suffice it to say, do some homework before you get started and your life will be easier. What ever you do, make sure that in whatever you do, one of the key points is to gain the trust of the people you are marketing to. A customer once, is OK, but to make your efforts easier and more effective, a repeat customer is the best!

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